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Anti Leprosy Day Rally India 2017

Anti leprosy day’ rally was conducted in the area of Madurai-Sikender Chavadi rural area. This awareness rally is organized every year by ‘Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre’(MAHELERECEN) to raise awareness on Leprosy disease. Even though leprosy is 100% curable and treatment is free there are still nearly 1.3 laks new cases detected every year in India. The non profit rally took place on 30th January 2016 at Madurai Sikender Chavadi  by the 136 school children of ‘Madurai West Panchayat Union Middle School’. All the villagers get aware about the disease of leprosy. 
Every year memorial day of our father of nation Gandhi is 30th January will be conducted a the Anti Leprosy Day.
Belonging to the leprosy awareness for the people in Shikender Chavadi village, Middle School students brandished leprosy banners and shouted leprosy slogans.

For this rally, School headmaster Mr. M.S.Balachandran , teachers  Mrs P.Panchavarnam, Mr.C.David Samuel, Mrs.S. Kavery and Mrs. C.Parimala organized by ‘Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre’ staffs  Dr. S. Maria Xavier, Mr.A. Vincent, Mr Raja, Mrs.Kodeswar. and two Belgian volunteers Dr.Segolène and Mr Arnaud.

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