Leprosy eradication activities can make people to understand, that giving assistance to poor and ill people is one of the best sacrifices we can do in such a country like India.
IEC (Information Education Communication

We are conducting health education program for school children, industrial workers, and to the public regarding general health, hygiene, safe drinking water and facts about leprosy with scientific factors and other infectious diseases as TB, HIV/AIDS.

We educate through giving lectures with the help of our health education materials pamphlets, flip charts, flash cards, slide shows, short film and with the public addressing system.

Health education awareness program is essential because people can understand the disease and their root-causes and withdraw their wrong behavior pattern.

We are doing skin checkup for the school children to detect fresh cases. The children are not having adequate immunity power. Due to that children will get more infection than adult, we are doing this checkup at every primary school. We are also doing slum survey to find out new and old untreated cases.

  • Total number of cases = 595
  • Number of deformed cases found this year = 15
  • Total number of deformed cases under our case = 175
  • Total number of cases under treatment until end of this report = 208
Prevention of Deformity (POD)

We are giving every month chemotherapy treatment (MDT) to all detected cases. Every newfound patient gets MDT treatment for curing the infection. This activity aims to prevent deformity through early detection and treatment.

Physiotherapy treatment is also given to our deformed patients as well as active and passive exercises, wax baths and oil massages. Ulcer patients are getting ulcer dressing treatment and we advice these patients how to keep the limbs (hand&feet) without blisters and ulcers.  

Free Mobile Medical Camp

Every month we are conducting free mobile camps in our area

  • at Kodas Nagar, Chellaiya Nagar in our MAHELERECEN Clinic, Madurai
  • at Thiruparankundram Block Villages, Madurai
  • at Alagerkovil Block Villages, Madurai
  • at Solavandhan Block Villages, Madurai District
  • at Alanganallour Block Villages, Madurai
  • at Koombur Block Villages, Vedachandor, Dindigul District
  • at Karupayurani block villages,Madurai
Livelihood Program

We are conducting rehabilitation with our CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) activity program since 1999. We have also given loan for their self-employment. 80 cured deformed patients were benefited.

Rehabilitation Beneficiary

The woman told proudly that the cow gave birth to a female calf a few weeks ago. So that means that she will have in a few months a double income of milk. the cow was a loan out of the rehabilitation program, monthly she is paying back a small amount.

We are supporting our patients through CBR

  • purchase of cows, goats
  • establishment of Tea Shop / Petty Shop
  • purchase of bullock cart
  • flower business
  • shamiana business
  • preparation of appalls
  • Vessel Shop / Bangle Shop
  • preparation of mud pot and etc.