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Medical camp for leprosy affected at Madurai, India

Medical camp for leprosy affected : –

 A free medical camp for the leprosy affected persons was held at “Mahelerecen leprosy centre”, located at Chellaiya Nagar, Madurai, on 21st July 2016. It was conducted by ‘Velammal MedicalCollege and Research Institute’ Madurai and Organized by ‘Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre’.
 This camp was headed by Dr. S. Maria Xavier Turtius, the Executive Secretary Mr S Thomas, the Vice President and attended by Dr. Rizwan and Mr. A. Vincent and Coordinator Mr. M. Raja. A special lecture on ‘Symptom and treatment about leprosy’ was given by Medical consultant of ‘Samam Nalavalvu Alosanai Mayam’  Dr. M. Rex Fernando to the medical students.
 This camp inaugurated by Dr. M. Rex Fernando, and “Annual Report of Mahelerecen” is published by Vice president Shri S. Thomas, the first copy received by Dr.M. Rex Fernando and Dr. Rizwan.
  During the camp, more than 60 leprosy affected persons were given free medical checkup and medicines were distributed to them free of cost. Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre is a charitable society serving the treatment and rehabilitation of the leprosy affected persons since 1991. Thousands of lepers were cured and benefited by the society. It is widening its scope and services with the help of good heart. Now we seeking donor for land and construction of hospital for leprosy affected. 
Medical consultant Dr Rex Fernando in the camp

Dr Rex giving the lecture about leprosy to the Velammal Medical students.

​Our Vice President Mr S.Thomas publishing the Annual Report 2015-16 Dr Rizwan, Velammal Medical college received the booklet.