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MCR foot wear camp for the leprosy disabled @ Madurai, India

Madurai City Health Officer Dr Sathish Ragavan gifting the MCR foot wears to Mr Vadavalli. 
Part of the participants 
29th November 2018, Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre’ (MAHELERECEN) charity organized the MCR footwear distribution camp for lepers @ Chikender Chavadi – Jefeema Indian Oil Fuel bulk from  Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, India.
Mr Raja gives Welcome Address
 Dr Sathis Ragavan gives the talk about foot care 
TN Housing Board Superintendent  Mr Thiyagarajan gives the lecture about health care 

Mahelerecen invited Chief guests Dr. Sathish Ragavan- City Health Office, Madurai Corporation, Mr N Thiyagarajan – Superintendent Engineer – Tamil Nadu Housing Board and Revenue Inspector Mr . Mohan Kumar. Dr Sathish Ragavan give the small talk about ulcer care foots, Mr N Thiyagarajan gives the care of human body and healthy life to all the leprosy patients.

 Madurai TNHB Mr Thiyagarajan gives the MCR foot wears to Mr Rasu

  Madurai Kulamangalam Revenue Inspector Mr Mohan  gives the MCR foot wears to Mr Ganeshan

Madurai Kulamangalam Village Assistant Mr Mathivannan  gives the MCR foot wears to Mrs Kakka ponnu

 leprosy patients gathered from rural areas of Maduraidistrict. Chief Guests taking with disabled lepers and they clearly understand the problem they facing and distributing foot wears to all leprosy patients.
 Treasurer Mr . P E Vincent gives the cloths to Mrs Seva 
Secretary Mr Francis gives the cloths to Mr Perumal patient. 

Madurai ELCOT IT company – Galaxy Infotech staffs donated used cloths for our lepers. We share these cloths to all lepers, Picture attached.  
Jefema Indian Oil bulk owner Mr Fredrick,  Mahelerecen team members founder cum Executive Secretary Dr Maria Xavier, Treasurer Mr. PE Vincent and Secretary Mr TM Francis, Coordinator Mr Raja Associate Mr Vincent Mrs Koodeswari, Mr Babu, Mr Sankar and well wishers are helping this wonderful event. End of the camp Mahelerecen arranged lunch for all lepers and invites.