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Social work scholars, Medical scholars, and researchers: Work or Partner with us! We invite International, India based organization, Corporate CSR, and public sector who work in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.  For further information regarding the volunteering opportunities please click here.

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Corporate support to MAHELERECEN has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of improving people's lives through the basic necessities of free medical for lepers and education. From workplace giving support to corporate foundation grants, event sponsorships, and unrestricted gifts, our corporate donors are making investments that last. Whether your company has a comprehensive social responsibility (CSR) program or is just launching an employee giving program, MAHELERECEN will work with you. For further information contact us at:  mahelerecen@gmail.com

Latest Causes

Raised:     $ 10.00
Goal:       $ 100.00
Raised:      $ 93.84
Goal:     $ 50,000.00
Raised:        $ 200.00
Goal:        $ 500.00
Mobile Medical Camp For Lepers
Construction of Leprosy Hospital in India
Sponsor Medical Care for Leprosy Affected Person

Medical support needed for our leprosy patients. 

Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Center is conducting a mobile medical camp for leprosy patients in Madurai and Dindigul districts, Tamil Nadu, India We are covering 5 blocks in Madurai district and one block at Dindigul district, around 125 villages. Around 575 lepers are in our project areas. Every month, we organize free mobile camps in the following areas:

1. At Nataraj Nagar in our MAHELERECEN Clinic, Madurai . 2. At Thiruparankundram Block Villages, Madurai. 3. At Alagerkovil Block Villages, Madurai. 4. At Solavandhan Block villages, Madurai District 5. At Alanganallour block villages. Madurai. 6. At Koombur Block villages, Vedachanddor, Dindigul District.  

The cost to sponsor one person in this program, and provide for the crucial healthcare needs of these communities is $100.

Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre is running the Mahelerecen Leprosy Clinic at Chellaiya Nagar, Madurai, India. This clinic is located in a small rented building, and contains a laboratory and physiotherapy departments. Patients and staff are struggling with the small space. Our goal is to  be able to buy our own land and build a small leprosy hospital, which will contain more space and the following facilities:

1. Minimum 10 beds for the ward. 2. X-Ray facility 3. Laboratory 4. Rehabilitation center with Physiotherapy department. 5. 24x7 medical emergency care 6. Small surgical room for ulcer patients 7. Ambulance facility 8. Meeting hall 9. Guest rooms for visitors and volunteers  Cost for the land= $ 50,000  (approximately)
We are running the Mahelerecen leprosy center in our project area of Koodal Nagar, Madurai district, India. This center has a laboratory and physiotherapy facilities. Everyday, patients come here to receive treatment from different areas of Madurai district. Most of our beneficiaries are very poor they cannot afford medical consultations and medicines. Your contribution will be of immense help to those affected by leprosy who require urgent assistance for buying medicine and receiving a medical consultation. Your donation will change lives for those suffering from leprosy.
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