Month: June 2019

Medical camp -leprosy – India

Our Mahelerecen org – Leprosy Centre மதுரை தொழுநோய் ஒழிப்பு மையம். organized special medical camp for leprosy patient with the ‘Velammal Medical College’ medical team. The Special camp started at 10 – 12.45 pm on 27th June, at our ‘Mahelerecen Leprosy Centre’, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Leprosy patients from various blocks comes in Madurai and attended this camp. ….  Read More

Gift a Smile to Indian Persons Affected by Leprosy

Mahelerecen org – Leprosy Centre  donating Horlicks 1 kg pact to leper Miss Karuppaiee, @ Madurai. India. Thanks to Amazon Gift a Smile Donors Amazon India , Contribute gift

Rehabilitation financial support for Leper

2nd June 2019, Mahelerecen org – Leprosy Centre founder cum Executive Secretary Dr Maria Xaiver provides Rehabilitation financial support to the leprosy affected Miss Kakka Ponnu for the cow and milk business. the amount of Rs 10,000/-. Miss Kakka ponnu living in Sambakulam village, Madurai district.